Coding (from Hell)

That other Blog

A while back I started another blog that's more related to my work: Coding from Hell. With it I focus on, well, bad things I encounter when writing software. Not just necessarily of a technical nature, but also stories where people are "less than friendly", I'd call it.
The reason why it's relatively quiet on that blog, too is probably due to the fact that I mostly develop for iOS these days, and say what you want about Apple, their SDKs are pleasant to work with most of the time. Of course sometimes there are headscratchers there, too, but rarely things that make me slam my forehead on the desk and start a new blog to rant afterwards...

Own projects

Like probably every developer I have a collection of code that I wrote for fun or private things. Unfortunately nothing of this is in any ordered form so over the years even I forgot what's what (and I don't feel like sorting through it any time soon). That means itstays tucked away on my own hard drive and won't go up here...
However, I am currently working on something a little more semi-professional, an app to calculate success probabilities for skill checks in my favorite roleplaying game (see Gaming & Hobbies). It will (hopefully) make it to the AppStore and then I will link it here.

Stackoverflow & GitHub

I am a big fan of SO and GitHub. I'm not that active on the former, but you can check out my profile if you want. Unsurprisingly I tend to focus on the iOS tag.
My GitHub profile, or rather the various repositories I have up there is related to that in that I showcase some example code snippets for some answers. It's not as ordered as it perhaps should be, because I created those on a whim, but if you want to see what my code looks like take a look.


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Coding From Hell