Hi, I am Gero!

just a regular denizen of the internet. When I don't laze around online, I develop mobile applications for the HDI Systeme AG. Before that I did the same thing for Trusted Shops GmbH and before that I studied computer science at RWTH Aachen University, at the The Media Computing Group to be exact. I finished my PhD in the field of human-computer interaction there in 2016.

In my free time I usually play games, either online or in the form of pen & paper role-playing games. Plus, I do archery every once in a while.

This site is more a collection of random digital stuff that has piled up over the years, like an old blog, a wiki I use for my p&p rpg group, and some photos I shared with friends. Feel free to look around (but I doubt you'll find anything interesting if you're not involved with me in some way already).


Gaming & Hobbies

Coding From Hell