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This page contains the most frequently used wiki markup, briefly. Follow the links in each section to learn more.

Markup concepts introduction

PmWiki markup can be applied to 'blocks' of text, and to text 'lines'. PmWiki markup is also used to read and save page, group, and wiki metadata through the use of variables. PmWiki markup can be used to process metadata variables though expressions and pagelists. PmWiki provides a wiki style markup that can be applied to text, lists?, paragraphs, and blocks.

Text markup, also known as wikitext is variable, see below, and in general broadly follows wiki conventions. Text markup only applies to single lines of text, delimited by a newline.

Block markup is applied to multiple lines of text as paragraph blocks and division blocks.

In PmWiki the most important markup is the directive. The directive is signified by parenthesis and a colon, viz: (:...:). The directive provides most of PmWiki's functionality.

Markup expressions {(...)}, variable markup {$...}, and wiki styles %...% also provide PmWiki functionality.


See Links

External links

[[http://example.com"tool tip"]]
[[http://example.com | link text]]
[[link text -> http://example.com]]

Use [=link address=] to escape any special characters, including quotes, spaces, parentheses and pipes.

Page links

[[page name]]
[[page (name)]]
[[PageName | link text]]
[[PageName | + ]] (titled link)
[[PageName | # ]] (anonymous numerical reference link)
[[PageName"tool tip"]]
[[link text -> PageName]]
[[#anchor]] (to create an anchor)
[[#anchor | link text]] (to refer to an anchor)
[[#anchor | # ]] (anonymous numerical reference link)
[[PageName#anchor | link text]] (to refer to an anchor in another page)

See also WikiWord on how to enable WikiWord links.

WikiGroup links

See Links and Categories

[[GroupName/]] or [[Group name/]]
[[GroupName"tool tip"]]
[[GroupName/PageName]] or [[GroupName/page name]]
[[(GroupName.)page name]]
[[~Author Name]]
[[~Author Name | +]]
[[~Author Name | #]]
[[~Author Name | link text]]
[[~Author Name"tool tip"]]
[[!Category Name]]

InterMap links

See InterMap


Email links

[[mailto:someone@example.com | display text]]
[[display text -> mailto:someone@example.com]]

Upload links

See Uploads and Images

[[Attach:file.odt | alternative text ]]
[[Attach:file with spaces.pdf]]
[[Attach:Groupname./file with spaces.pdf]]

Link Schemes?

In addition to http:, https:, mailto: PmWiki also supports:



See Images and Uploads

Images as Images

http://example.com/image.gif"alt text"
Attach:image.gif"My image"
Attach:Groupname./image.gif"image in another group"
Attach:Groupname.Pagename/image.gif"image on another page"
%lfloat% Attach:image.gif | Caption %% (could be %rfloat%, %center%, %rframe%, %lframe%, %frame% )
%width=200px% Attach:image.gif %%
%thumb% Attach:image.gif %%

Images as links

[[PageName | Attach:image.gif"alt text"]]
[[http://example.com/ | Attach:image.gif"alt text"]]
[[http://example.com/ | http://example.com/image.png"alt text"]] | Caption
%rframe thumb% [[Attach:image.gif | Attach:image.gif"alt text"]] | Caption

Start-of-line markup

See Text formatting rules


See List styles, Wiki styles and Cookbook:Outline lists

* unordered list
** deeper list
# ordered list
# %item value=#% arbitrary start number
# %decimal%, %roman%, %ROMAN%, %alpha%, %ALPHA%


Q: start a question paragraph
A: start an answer paragraph


!! Heading
!!! Deeper heading

Paragraph blocks

-> indented text
-< hanging indent
<space> preformatted text
[@...@] preformatted block
---- (horizontal rule)
blank line is vertical space
\ at end of line joins next line
\\ at end of line produces a line break
\\\ at the end of a line produces a blank line, even within a list item, n backslashes will produce n-1 blank lines
[[<<]] produces a line break that clears floating content

Division blocks

See Block markup, Wiki styles and Page directives

(:div class="" style="":)

Text markup

See Text formatting rules

Character format

'''''strong emphasis'''''
[-small-], [--smaller--]
[+big+], [++bigger++]
'-small-', '+big+'
'^superscript^', '_subscript_'
{+inserted+} (underscore)
{-deleted-} (strikethrough)
[@escaped code@]
[=escaped text=]

Posting markup

~~~ (author's signature)
~~~~ (author's signature and date)
(:encrypt phrase:) -- replaced with encrypted form of phrase


Plain rows and columns of text

See Tables

||table attributes
||!table caption!||
||left aligned || centered || right aligned||
||!column heading||
||spanned columns ||||||

Structured tables

See Table directives

(:table attr:)
(:cellnr attr:)
(:cell attr:)


Page directives

See Page directives

(:redirect PageName:)


See Page directives Group headers

(:noheader:), (:nofooter:)
(:noleft:), (:noright:)
(:nogroupheader:), (:nogroupfooter:)


See Page directives, Comment markup, Page variables

(:title text:)
(:keywords word, ...:)
(:description text:)
(:comment text:)
{Group/PageName$:variable} includes from (:variable:text:)


See Include other pages, Page text variables

(:include PageName:)
(:include PageName#start#end lines=n paras=n:)
(:include Page1 Page2 Page3:)
{Group/PageName$:Var} includes from (:name:text:)
(:nl:) separate included text by conditional line break

Conditional markup

See Conditional markup

(:if (!) cond param:)...(:ifend:)
(:if (!) cond param:)...(:else:)...(:ifend:)
(:if (!) cond param:)...(:elseif (!) cond param:)...(:ifend:)


See Page lists

(:searchbox label=label order=-time:)
(:searchresults incl -excl group=abc fmt=def:)
(:pagelist incl -excl group=abc fmt=def:)

Other directives

See Page directives

(:PageDirectives#markup:) [=...=]
(:markup class=horiz:)...(:markupend:)
(:markup caption='...':)...(:markupend:)


See Forms

(:input form method=get action=url enctype=multipart/form-data:)
(:input default name=xyz value="abc":)
(:input text name=first value="Bob" size=20:)
(:input textarea name=xyz [=value=] rows=2 cols=80:)
(:input submit name=post value="Go" accesskey=g:)
(:input reset:)
(:input hidden name=action value=edit:)
(:input radio name=xyz value="abc" checked=1:)
(:input checkbox name=xyz value="abc" checked=1:)
(:input password name=authpw:)
(:input file name=upload:)
(:input image name=xyz src="http:..." alt="Alt Text":)
(:input select name=xyz value="val1" label="Value 1":)
(:input select name=xyz value="val2" label="Value 2":)
(:input end:)

See also PmWiki Edit forms.

Wiki trails

See Wiki trails


Page variables

See Page variables, Page text variables, Page lists

{$variable}, {pagename$variable}, {groupname.pagename$variable}
{$:variable}, {pagename$:variable}, {groupname.pagename$:variable}

Set a page text variable


See special references


Page list templates special variables

{=$variable}, {<$variable}, {>$variable},
{=$:variable}, {<$:variable}, {>$:variable},


See Markup expressions

{(function args)}

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